Let's Make a Killer Dynamite Deal

This small but important page is here to help you create a killer deal. By sharing the vision of Dynamite Deals and what we’ve learned so far, we hope you can be a part of it and benefit.

What is Dynamite Deals

Dynamite Deals is the first deal site for productized services. It’s where customers can easily find heavily discounted services that will truly help their businesses grow. Our goal is to provide services that can turbocharge a business with one click.

The site launched in September 2019. Over the following two months, the site generated over $71,000 in revenue. We were able to do that because the deals are presented to entrepreneurs who are hungry for productized services that have a clear and defined benefit to helping them grow their businesses. The deals are shared with the audiences of the Tropical MBA, the Dynamite Circle, Dynamite Jobs, and the new, fast-growing audience of Dynamite Deals.

We want to continue to provide value to our deal partners and our audience of deal seekers. We’re looking for partners who have services that provide an evident and immediate value to companies. In return, we provide our partners with a kickstart of thousands of dollars in revenue and lifetime customers.

Can your service help businesses grow with one click? If yes, then keep reading to make a deal.

How to Make a Dynamite Deal

The following is what we have learned so far on what makes a good Dynamite Deal. These factors are how we assess proposed deals and what we look for when seeking out new ones. You can use these guidelines to determine if your service qualifies and is what our audience needs.

Qualifying Deal Features:

  • Done For You Services and Products.
  • Price is mid to high dollar value.
  • Dealmaker can sustain 10-30 units and deliver within a week or two of purchase.
  • Service or product has a high-profit margin and can be significantly discounted. Or it can be done at, or near, the cost for the first month meaning that the dealmaker can make up the money with the lifetime value of the customer.

We may cut Dynamite Deals with other services and products in the future but the above outlines what we’re focusing on right now.

Send us your proposed service and let us know:

  • Why is your service valuable? How will this help a business grow?
  • Who is this deal for? Who is it not for?
  • How many new customers can you take on?
  • What is the length of the onboarding process? 
  • When will customers see results?
  • What kind of discount can you offer?

Next Steps / Packaging a Deal

Think your service qualifies and would benefit from an influx of customers and revenue? Let’s cut a deal. 

All it takes to get started is to share with us the product or service you would like to turn into a deal and provide us with some insights and background into what makes it great. 

The exact terms and revenue split are dependent upon each deal. We’ll work with you to find the right numbers to create a great deal for our audience while making sure it’s also of great benefit to you too.

To get started, go ahead and send us your deal (if you haven’t already). We’ll reach out to discuss more if your deal qualifies.


Let’s discuss: [email protected]