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Our Audience

Qualifying Deal Features:

  • Private community of 1,500 business owners
  • Combined email list of 24,000 email subscribers
  • Podcast with 125,000 monthly downloads

They Are Looking For

These business owners are looking for services that have a clear line between purchasing and improving their bottom line. These can be services that decrease expenses or increase profitability. These services must have a clear deliverable that’s straightforward to implement in their business.

Deal Partners Receive

At no upfront cost, your service and business receive the backing of our brands and are shared across all our platforms to our entire audience.

You’ll get an influx of new customers and their lifetime value.

Partnering with our team to run a Dynamite Deal is an excellent alternative to paid marketing campaigns. You’ll get the same amount of promotion, some new customers, all at no upfront cost.

We’ll work with you to find the right numbers to create a great deal for our audience while making sure it’s also of great benefit to you too.

What's the catch?

Dynamite Deals is a discovery platform for entrepreneurs to try discounted products, so we’ll work with you to find an attractive discount for the product. For the level of discount, we ask that it’s set at a discount that has never been offered anywhere before. Our discounts have ranged between 50% off to 20% off. 

There’s no upfront cost, but Dynamite Deals does receive a sales commission. We’ll look at what our anticipated sales will be, and the discount being offered, to come to a mutually beneficial split.

We can’t guarantee a certain number of sales right now but you should expect to move between 10 and 20 units depending on their cost. Running a Dynamite Deal is also not always profitable as sometimes deal makers sell their service at cost to create a great deal. 

Check out our guide on how to make a Dynamite Deal

The Types of Deals and Partners
We’re Looking for ​

Quality Over Quantity

We're looking for partners who see the value in widespread exposure, recognition alongside our brand, and lifetime customers.

Direct Problem Solving Products and Services

The services and products that work best for our audience are for tip of the funnel services that solve a distinct problem. Products that are broad and don’t solve a clear, expensive or time-consuming problem do not perform well.

Customizable for Businesses

These services are generally done-for-you products and services with a clear connection to profitability and time saved. They are usually high-ticket items and something that an entrepreneur would hire someone for or would try to do themself.

Submit your deal to get started​

Think your service qualifies and would benefit from an influx of customers and revenue? Let’s cut a deal.

All it takes to get started is to share the product or service you would like to turn into a deal and provide us with some insights and background into what makes it great.

To get started, go ahead and send us your deal. We’ll reach out to let you know if your deal does or doesn’t qualify.