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Turn your current spending into business class tickets

One Year Membership $595

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How it works

The three part process to get your dream flight rewards:

1: Custom Points Strategy

The Points Panda team does a full analysis of your credit, spending habits, and your “dream redemption.” With this information, they then create the optimal strategy to gather the most amount of credit card and airline points to get your dream redemption in the least amount of time. This initial consultation shouldn’t take more than one hour of a new member’s time.

2: Email and Chat support

Whether you need support when you’re first starting to gain points or if you have questions six months later about possible redemptions, the Points Panda team will be by your side. They will be available to give you unlimited consulting and answer any questions throughout your membership.


3: reward flight bookings

When you’re ready to book award flights with your points, the Points Panda team will find and book the absolute best deals to maximize the value of your points. They want to make sure you’ll be flying in a $5,000 business or first class seat across the Atlantic or Pacific for just the cost of taxes and fees. 

Points Panda founder, Freddy Lansky, has been flying this way for the past six years:

Ready to turn $500 of credit card fees into $5,000 worth of business class flights?

One Year Membership $595

A Points Panda membership is about earning the most points and then getting you the best rewards possible.

If you’re an American, Canadian, or Australian with good credit then you have what you need to get started flying around the world in business for less than the price your friends pay to fly economy.

Points Panda offers you a customized strategy to maximize your credit card rewards points (even if you aren’t earning rewards today), unlimited rewards ticket itinerary bookings, and live support.

Credit card companies offer enormous rewards for spending on their cards, but let’s face it, figuring out how to accrue points and exchange them for the best value can be an impossible puzzle. 

All that changes today with Points Panda – a done for you rewards booking service done by the experts at the lowest price ever of $449. 

This deal comes with a strategy call with the founder of Points Panda, designed to optimize your points strategy. When you’re ready to fly in style, just send an email to the points panda team and they’ll find a great itinerary and help you through the process of transferring the points to purchase the itinerary.

The education and strategy alone could be worth well over this deal price of $449 bucks, but if you act within the next 2 weeks (or until we reach our limit of 50 signups), you’ll be one of Point’s Panda’s early clients who will enjoy unlimited rewards ticket bookings your first year for one simple price.

What do you have to lose? You could make your money back in just one booking. Start flying in style today. Head on over to Dynamite and take advantage of this deal while supplies last.


Points Panda a premium credit card consulting and award booking membership service! For one flat rate yearly membership, we will consult you over phone, email, and live chat to help you maximize the amount of points you can make in the least amount of time. When it’s time to book your awards flights, we will find you the best deals using transfers to fly you around the ocean in expensive business class flights for nearly free! (You may be responsible for copays that are around 1-10% of the cash price)

Not everyone is qualified for this deal. This deal is best for Americans, Australians, and Canadians with a minimum credit score of 640. If you are not a resident (citizen or Greencard holder) of one of these countries, then you must spend a minimum of $5k a month (personal and business spend) to be able to receive the required points to take full advantage of a Points Panda membership. However, if you are not a member of one of the countries listed above, we still recommend you get in touch with the Points Panda to discuss your situation and see if you’re someone they can help.

If you already have points accumulated, the Points Panda team can start finding you the best rewards bookings immediately. If you’re new to the credit card points game, you’ll start to see results in as little as three months, but on average it takes six to nine months to get your dream redemption depending on the situation. 

We handle everything for you from A to Z.  We take care of your seat assignments and we’ll even call the airline if we need too. There’s no limit to the number of changes you need us to handle. (one of the perks about award tickets is that the dates are easily changeable and even refundable for a small fee)

The only thing that members need to do is transfer the points to the necessary airline program when it’s time to book. However, the Points Panda team will tell you exactly what to do. The process is simple, but they will still be right beside you so you have nothing to worry about. To save you more time and give you more value, they will also register you for airline programs and pay the copay with either your credit card or send you a Paypal invoice for the amount (+3.9% processing fee).

When the booking is done, you will receive the itinerary by email and a reminder the day before your flight.

If you’re interested in seeing how it all works, the Points Panda team will hop on Skype and walk you through the process. 

The service  can be used to book as many other people as you want as long as the account holder is also on the reservation (flying with the party) and they are using their rewards points to book the flight. Want to fly with your spouse to Paris? No problem. Want to take some friends to Peru with you? The Points Panda team will find and book the best points deal. Want to book a points ticket to have aunt visit you from Florida? Since the account holder is not on the reservation, the booking of this flight with points is not included in the membership.

Points Panda will help you find the best available rewards that meet your goals, however, the best deals are generally for flights. The team will help you find and book hotels and car rentals, but they don’t recommend going for other rewards like gift cards or cash back.

Not much time at all! The initial strategy call and creation will take up to an hour. You will then carry on spending as normal with the recommended cards in the strategy. If you have questions or want support along the way, the Points Panda team will be with you to answer any of your questions. When it’s time to book a flight, just let the team know where you’d like to go, and they’ll give you simple directions on how to prepare your points; the team will take care of the rest!

American residents with a social security number (citizens or greencard holders), have not opened many credit cards recently, and have a credit score of over 640 will benefit the most. Foreigners who are able to get U.S. credit cards through their established US residence, credit history, and ITIN  will also benefit from a Points Panda membership.

Citizens and residents of Australia and Canada who are qualified to signup for credit cards from those countries will also be able to benefit from Points Panda’s services. 

For citizens of any other country that have a business generating significant credit card spend or personal spending that could be put on a credit card every month (at least $5k USD), then we can help as well regardless of where you are from.

If you’re not sure if you fit in the criteria feel free to try it for 60 days and if either Points Panda or you feel it’s not a good fit we’ll give you a full refund!

No rules are being broken. Using your credit card and airline points to find the absolute best deal is perfectly legitimate. While the credit card companies would prefer you do points redemptions that are not as valuable such as gift cards or statement credits, there is nothing wrong with doing transfers. The airlines have no issue selling these seats at a steep discount because they’ve already used advanced calculations to know that those seats would probably not be used by passengers paying full fare anyways. Everybody wins!

The credit card and airline transfer game is filled with pitfalls to confuse you into using your points in suboptimal ways. Some of the most common ways are redeeming your points for gift cards, cash back, or using a travel portal with a low  redemption rate. This is where the Points Panda team can come in and 10x the value per point you can receive through points transfers and finding the absolute best point redemptions.

Also, not all cards are created equal. Some cards are better for flying to Asia, others are better for flying to Europe or South America. A lot of this depends on who the card has for partners and which points are even transferable. By the way, did you know that some points are worth more than others? The Points Panda team has the expertise to get you the most value.

Even if you are someone who knows how to do points transfers, it’s not as straightforward as booking a flight in cash. Most airlines give the best deals for flights on alliance partners (Using United points to book Avianca, using Delta points to book Airfrance etc), but they are not easy to find! For example did you know the best way to find an American Airline alliance award flight was by transferring Chase points to British Airways is to search on Qantas? What a headache! And sometimes you even need to call in to get these deals. We handle all this research and are always on top of the best transfers to get you in that nice comfy business class seat.

For Dynamite Deal customers, you have 90 full days to try our service and get a 100% full refund no questions asked. After that you can cancel anytime and receive a prorated refund for any months unused.

The yearly membership fee is a flat fee which includes the initial strategy, unlimited support, and unlimited rewards bookings. However, you’ll have to pay for the flight co-pay when booking. If you choose to, you can also sign up for credit cards with annual fees that accrue points faster. 

The flight co-pay is made the taxes and fees which are not paid for by points. When booking a rewards flight, the account holder will be responsible for this cost. It is sometimes as low as $5 but can be as high as $500 for certain redemptions. In general, it is around $150 in fees for a roundtrip, long distance business class flight. 

The Points Panda team will pay for the fee with your credit card if you’d like or they will pay for the fee when they are booking your rewards flight and charge you the copay price + 3.9% of the copay price to cover the transaction cost (typically equaling $1-$20 at most).

Credit cards with annual fees can be one of the best ways to quickly rack up points and is sometimes recommended by the Points Panda as part of the rewards strategy. The annual fees can range as high as $550 but typically are in the $50-$95 range. It is up to Points Panda member if they would like to open these cards. 

Your information is secured with PCI compliant DocuSign. 

The Points Panda team we will do a quick analysis of your business spend to optimize your spending profile. They only book employees and business partners on awards flight if the account holder is on the same flight and the reservation is under their name.

One Year Membership $595

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