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Frequently asked questions

If you’d like to submit a deal please submit it here.

We focus on deals that serve a broad range of companies. There’s a strong chance that your company will directly benefit from the deal being offered.

Products that scale well (i.e. can handle a bunch of new customers). We do work with with bespoke service providers but priority is given to scalable products.

There has to be a strong case, and historical evidence, that participation in the deal will grow the customer’s business meaningfully.

Deals that have quite a clear and falsifiable deliverable. There’s a place for deals on consulting, events, books, etc, however, we are focusing on deals that have a clear impact or ROI or on a functional area of a business (IE, 50% off software, or 25 blog posts, or discounted lifetime access to x product, etc).

We run one deal a week and each deal will have its own terms listed when the deal is available. All deal sales are final. No refunds are issued.

Dynamite Deals has a long history, in some form or another, amongst the members of our private community. Now we’re making them available to the public. For years, members of the Dynamite Circle (a private community of location-independent entrepreneurs who are known as “DCers”) have been cutting deals amongst themselves to help each other’s businesses grow. Some of these deals have even been shared with listeners of the Tropical MBA podcast. So, the team behind the Dynamite Circle and the Tropical MBA podcast have created Dynamite Deals to further open up these business-growing opportunities to entrepreneurs more widely.

Members of the Dynamite Circle (known as “DCers”) receive an additional discount on Dynamite Deals. If you’re a business owner who would like to connect with like-minded individuals and have access to an even greater discount, apply to join the Dynamite Circle!

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