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Done for You
Trademark Registration

Don’t build a brand on an unprotected trademark. Protect your business today and eliminate a potential legal nightmare.

Done for You Trademark Registration for $1,225. Get the deal before it expires.


How it works

Getting to know your business

After your purchase, you’ll be receiving a short trademark questionnaire and a link to the contract. You and Sarah will have some discussion via email and phone to go over the process and learn about your needs. The information she receives from you is the info she will use to research and finalize the trademark class selection (one class fee is included. Any additional classes are $225 and will be invoiced separately).

The Filing

With all the information from above, Destination Legal will finalize the description and then submit the trademark application (usually within 2-3 weeks). You can sit back and relax! They will monitor the application and respond to any questions or Office Action letters from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This process can take up to an entire year… but Sarah and her team will be monitoring and staying with you the entire time.


You will receive an email from Sarah when the registration is complete. She will send an electronic certificate that is your go ahead to start using the coveted ®. You will receive the certified copy a few weeks later in the mail.

Ready to take what's yours?

It seems that so many of us procrastinate on registering trademarks and protecting our businesses – even after we’re making profits.

We’ve all heard the legal nightmares that can occur when your trademarks aren’t in order (cease and desist orders, products removed from Amazon, and distrust from customers are just a few of the problems…)

Today, let’s eliminate any potential legal disaster and get our businesses in order – this is a deal designed to protect your assets and register your intellectual property.

Here’s a full service, all inclusive, flat rate trademark registration service from Destination Legal.

What is the TM Package?

The full-service Trademark Registration Package will take care of everything you need from the purchase of your trademark to seeing it all through to make you the official owner.

Why choose this one when there are other options? Because this trademark package is full service from start to finish. Many of the alternatives just file for you, add additional fees, and then leave you in the dust. How about paying only one fee while having an attorney who you can easily contact and will deal with USPTO correspondence? Sarah and her team will be with you for the ENTIRE process.

Destination Legal’s Trademark Package is a flat fee that includes any necessary response to office actions or USPTO correspondence. The price also includes the $225 filing fee with the USPTO. They will research the mark, and if it isn’t available, they will work with you to find a name that will work. Destination Legal wants to make sure you get the mark you file for and are building a brand around.

If after purchasing your desired Trademark isn’t available you have the choice to:
  1. Trademark something
  2. Receive a refund minus $300 and the service fees

Done for You Trademark Registration for $1,225. Get the deal before it expires.


Who is this for?

for off-shore companies

By the way, if your company is physically located outside of the U.S.A., a new rule just released within the past month has stipulated that you must now engage a U.S. attorney to file your trademark, you cannot do it yourself.


If you are an Amazon business, you know by now that to get on the brand registry you need a trademark as well. Why wait? Now is the time to build brand equity and gain the confidence that nobody in your market can take your name.

No need to worry about billable hours, doing research, or filing applications that have a chance of being refused. It’s all packaged and ready to go. Sarah Kornblet, an attorney and founder of Destination Legal, has helped hundreds of internet entrepreneurs and online companies protect their assets. Sarah and her team are ready to help.

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