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Transform Your Company's Image with Unlimited Designs

All your design needs taken care for less than the cost of one design project. Get unlimited designs and revisions from ManyPixels.

Up to 35% off on all packages. Get the deal before it expires.

This deal has expired. You may purchase the packages at full price.

How It Works



Submit your request and you'll be matched with one of ManyPixels designers.



Your designer works on your requests everyday and delivers within 1-2 business days.



Your designer will do as many revisions as necessary.



When you're ready, the final design is approved by you and source files are delivered.

Say hello to infographics, landing pages, brand guides, and more.

Unlimited Requests

All the design requests and revisions you need.

Professional Designers

Get matched with high quality, battle tested designers only.

Fast and Reliable

Get your designs back within 24-48h, Monday to Friday, all year long.

Flexible and Scalable

Pay as you go. Scale up, scale down, pause or cancel at any time.

Fixed Monthly Rate

Pay a flat price every month. No hidden fees or surprises.

100% Yours

All designs are made from scratch and you have full legal ownership.

Here are the full plan features


Basic Plan

Static Display Ads
Social Media Graphics
Banner Ads
Email Banners
Blog Banners
Business Cards
Flyers, Posters, Banners
Brochures, Catalogues
Business Reports
Podcast Graphics
Event Graphics
Ecommerce Graphics
T-shirt Graphics
Books and Ebook Covers
Thumbnail Images
Menu Design
Print Advertising
Light Photo Editing

Premium Plan

All in Basic
Brand Guides
Slides Presentation
Light Website Design
2-3 sec GIF Animations
Powerpoint and Google

Up to 35% off on all packages. Get the deal before it expires.

This deal has expired. You may purchase the packages at full price.

Get your plan

Basic Plan

Top Features

Dedicated Designer
Unlimited Requests
Unlimited Revisions
Unlimited Brands
Source Files (AI, PSD)
Cancel Anytime

Premium Plan

Top Features

All of our basic features plus:
Logos and Branding
Landing Pages
Light Website Design
2-3 sec GIFs
Presentation Design

One month at 30% off

was $399



Three months at 35% off

was $1,197



only $259/month

One month at 30% off

was $549



Three months at 35% off

was $1,647



only $357/month

Who is this for?

Every business needs high quality design, but not every business needs a full-time, in-house designer. This is the perfect solution for a business owner looking to have their design needs taken care of without the commitment and the trouble of hiring. The table below is a sample of their work with previous clients.

ManyPixels has seasoned professionals who know how to help internet businesses. They are well aware of best practices but are also prepared to make designs unique to your business and needs.

The range of businesses that ManyPixels serves is wide. Their designers are working with small to medium size enterprises (SMEs), creative agencies, startups, SaaS, freelancers, bloggers, influencers, VCs, Amazon merchants, restaurants, and more.

Check out our customer reviews

Designing board games for funding on Kickstarter brings with it a large and varied demand for graphic assets. ManyPixels broad range of talent and unlimited delivery is perfect for my requirements, be it logos, character designs, card layouts or packaging. The project management platform is perfect to keep the work flowing and the team is great to design with.
Summit Drive Games
I'm 3 weeks into my first month using ManyPixels and I'm very impressed. The designs have been great from the first draft and the turnaround time is very fast. This is a much smoother experience than dealing with freelance designers. Great value. Would definitely recommend!
Hiring and managing graphics people has always been a pain. With ManyPixels, not only do they find the best designer for any particular task but the included interface keeps all correspondence and files organized. They have never neglected to give me a daily update which is amazing because freelance designers have a tendency to disappear for days or weeks at a time between revisions. Since I am paying for the time and not the project, I also don't have to feel guilty about requesting more revisions and getting things exactly the way I wanted them. I like to think of this service as having an expert designer, illustrator, cartoonish -- really any graphics design role, on retainer. Most of all I am glad not to be throwing away countless hours searching, screening, and chasing freelancers of dubious quality anymore.
Gibas Associates
Since day 1, the ManyPixels team has been very responsive with all the orders that I’ve requested. With high-quality designs, quick responses, and unlimited reviews, this has been a great deal for us. They have a very organized platform where I can track every order separately, and it’s very easy to follow up and leave comments to the updates. All our websites have been taking full advantage of this deal, requesting logos, email templates, website designs, illustrations, banners for social media, and a lot more. I highly recommend this for any company.
Dynamite Ventures


With the Basic plan, you get a professional graphic designer working on your creative requests every business day. Graphic design requests include display ads, posters, flyers, banners, illustrations, social media graphics, brochures, etc. You can check out some of the designers’ recent work here and ManyPixels’ full scope of service here.

With the Premium plan, you get a professional graphic designer working on your creative requests every business day.
On top of all the things included in the Basic plan, you can ask for more advanced design requests like landing page design, light website design, logos, brand guides, presentation deck and 2-3 sec GIFs.

ManyPixels’ plans are scalable, meaning that if you would like to have 1,2,3,5 or 10 professional graphic designers assigned to your account, this is totally doable.
If you are a large creative agency, a big business, or simply have a lot of design projects that you want to get done quickly, ManyPixels can help.
You can schedule a strategy call with their Sales Team here.

Your assigned designer will work on your requests every business day. Turnaround time depends on several factors such as:

  • – The complexity of your requests
  • – The number of requests you currently have being worked on
  • – The quality and clarity of your instructions.

On average, you can expect to receive the first concept or the next revision within 1-2 business days. But more complex requests such as a complete website, large illustration sets and pitch decks require more time.

All of the designs are made from scratch (ManyPixels Designers do not use templates or re-use past projects) and you have full legal ownership of the files as soon as they deliver them to you.
Source files are always included.

With all of the subscription-based plans, you can submit as many requests as you would like. If the designer doesn’t get it right the first time, they will do unlimited revisions until you like the final result (they won’t be happy until you are). All of your requests are queued in the ManyPixels application where you can easily manage them.

Your designer(s) will work on your requests every business day. You are only limited in terms of speed but if you want your requests to get done faster, you can always upgrade by increasing the number of designers assigned to your account.

We do not have any limitations in terms of different brands or visual identities, meaning that if you want to use ManyPixels for different ventures or for your own customers, you can.

ManyPixels works with plenty of creative agencies.

For this promotion, there is no refund policy. You are allowed to activate your promotion within 30 days of purchase so you can start today or 30 days from now!

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